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Monday, July 26, 2010

want love, but no couple ?

agak-agak bole tak cmtu ?
huishhh.. aku syg tol title single tu..hehe,
aku sgt, sgt bangge cuz I'M STILL SINGLE ..!!
tak ramai yg ade title tu tauu... hmmm..

i dun care whut people say, as long as i know myself very much.. tengs,
eventhough i caught in problem, i learn to do it by myself cuz i nver found someone who can understand me, can heard my story like i did to them.. there's no one !! i'm a good listener, but i did'nt found my own good listener yet... except Allah s.w.t and my diary.... :)

1 comment:

Macik said...

idop kt perlu kn teman la dear.. :)

ce tekan , ce tekan :)


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