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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Laluna : Aku Rindu Kau !!!!!!!

damn seriously !

 i miss you so much ! but i just can't say it ! it's really hurt me .. really hurt... :'(

lalunnYet the littlest thing I do always brings me back to thinking of you. Why can’t it be easy to just erase you out of my head forever. I don’t want to, but its whats best for me right now. Gosh, why did this have to happen. I need a sign or something, or someone to let me know that everything is fine without you. I mean, I was happy before I met you. Why can’t it go back to me not even thinking about youuuuuuu. Sometimes I wonder if you read my post, look at my bloggie. I wonder whats on your mind.

but i knew smthing.. i need to move on ... really have to move on ! hurmmm.... i can't .. i can't .. i CAN ! 


Anas Clay said...

u might be thinking way too much..
u're hurting yourself more than what he/she did..
a problem when shared is halved.. happiness when shared, it doubled.
you're not alone in this world. You got ur dad, families, siblings, and even friends. Find sum1 to express ur feeling, even if it is a secret, and let it all out. You will feel better. Move on =)

Miss Lalunn said...

thanks anas ! for the supportive and motivated words ;))) i'll move on ! :)

liana.syazwani said...

save ur tears for the moment when u need it the mosttt (!)
be strong :D

Anas Clay said...

go, girl =)

Miss Lalunn said...

wanie : i'll try to be strongg, insyallah, thanks dear ;)

anas , yeayy !! :)

ce tekan , ce tekan :)


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