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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Laluna : La Tahzan

i shouldn't being sad because of 'him'
he's the one who should feel sad..
cause he lost someone who love him so much..
who always pray for his goodness..
for his future..
always caring for him..

he lost her ..
there's no HER anymore..
in his life..
just wish her to be strong to face this fact of her love story.

remember :
Allah swt know's everything we do . :')
you're nothing cause Allah is everything.


syazana amira said...

bersabarlah :)

moharaf said...

la tahzan means don't be sad. hehe

Miss Lalunn said...

Syazana : thanks :)

Hakim : haaha. i know.. that's why i put it as a title :)

moharaf said...

basic arab je tu. simple.

|ShaChaPe'ah| said...

teruskan bersemangat! :)

Miss Lalunn said...

hakim : yeah. tapi i suke maksud dia. :)

Miss Lalunn said...

Sha : thanks sygg ! ^_^

aryuyidIary said...

i love this entry lalun :) lame xjenguk belog kau n on9 . the way dat alwys keep us strong when we realised that allah always have with us, ^^

Miss Lalunn said...

ARY ; yes sayang. itu la sumber kekuatan aku , bersyukur kite di lahirkan islam. mampu utk dapat kan kekuatan tu dari maha pencipta kan :) thanks sygg :)

ce tekan , ce tekan :)


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