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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Laluna : We need to take a new step to move on ...

credit to the photographer : friend of mine. nasir.

Take a new step to move on ..
then the other step will follow and start walking until meet to the end of this journey..
there's a lot of thing that we have to be face in life...
problem ..
friendship ..
love ..
study ..
family ..
everything moving around us ..
we have to be strong . we need to be tough. we need to be fresh .
so that we can face all the thing with S M I L E ..
Allah swt know's better bout everything ..
and there's no doubt bout that !
watch your step when start walked in His earth, and always feel greatful with what you have not for what you get ..


Etong said...

be strong, let go, and move on!

CIK YAYA'NA said...

budak chomel datang,,

thomas said...

life is always tough,
it's always full of challenges
right till the very end
but along the way it might have lots
of happy moments to cherish,
so enjoy it.

Miss Lalunn said...

yeahh !! :)))

.s.e.r. said...

gua cm knal tmpt ni..hehe

Miss Lalunn said...

haruslah lu kenal bront. haha kata soul journey gituu. chaitt! haha ;p

ce tekan , ce tekan :)


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