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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

dear "kamu"

Mr. S , you know whut ??
you make me :

-kagum with ur style. (maintain that, i like ! )

-love your attitude, cuz that la, i minat kt you !

-love what u like, sbb kite sekepala rupenye ! nnt ley hang out ,
and do "itu" do 'ini' and its so, tk sbarnye nk wt ! haha! :)

-terkejot with your story smtms. ( u mmg gile kn , but that's make u diff from others !)

-wanna smile when see ur pic, tomey oke! hee cute and sweet ! ;)

-love to bebual with you, hehe. peramah jugak you rupenye! tk sangke ! hee !

- wanna stalker your fb 24 hours a day with smile , eventhough i'm just read our old conversation , but who cares ! haha.

*tk kysah la ape org nk talk bout you babe, i trust you ..
like how i know you. :)

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