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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

can i say 'kenapa?'

feels weird now..

i know you are different and what ever.. ;p

for the first time knowing you,
i'm just ' uh.oke...bole la..and its bla..bla..bla... '

but hmm... day by day...huhu
i think..
i'm slowly... interested to make known of ur life, ur status, ur habits..

and i say to myself , "pehal lak ni ?''
i dun noe..(-,-)'

mybe it's just wanna disturbing my day
but cuz of that (its mean you, yes you !) hehe..... !!
i'm get interested back with facebook !

i dun care, it's doesn't matter, if you're online or not !
i will go to ur page first !
haha, to discover what is the new update in ur life !!

and i ...
like, like very much..haha!
so, keep the way you are.. i <3>
i'll be your special STALKER !
starting from now on , huhu

*i like your comel2
*i like your attitude ;)
*keep that way okengg my mr. secret admirer!

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