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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Laluna : One day pusing pusing with lovely g2 !! :)

Assalamualaikum to all my lovely bloggers :)
nothing to writeee actually..
just wanna share little bit of my happiness with my dear g2 at puncak alam ;)
let's enjoy the pixca... ^^

after taking pic for CARD MATRIX - yeah we are student ! ;p haha

so ayu isn't ? haha *perasan*

lovely g2 , insyallah will always in my heart <3
gadis shal wannabe ! ;p  *dh sah sah pakai shawl kot. haha
having a karaoke time ! release tension :P
while waiting for the coordinatoor .. *smpat snap snap kan ! :)
comel ? i'm just pretend to be .. erkk... - -''
lalalala.. peace ! ;)
we love karok so much ! haha ;p
my lovelyy darlaa :)
pantai remis , selangor .
nice view : profile picture facebook ;p hee
makan - makan after class .. :)

alrte , i'm done for this part .. the next entry will be talk about my first day class in uitm puncak alam ! :) so far so good .. new ppl , new environment , new course .. love it ;D


cik mun said...

seronoknye die jlan2 ek..

Miss Lalunn said...

hahaha , a,ah seronokkkk :)

|ShaChaPe'ah| said...

cntiknye pki skirt labuh..ske tgk pic yg tgh karok tu..hehe
n all the g2 are very pretty!
nak karok jugakkkkkk!!!!!hehe

Miss Lalunn said...

jom !! hahahaha

Pembekal Sinar Prestij Trading said...

cntik bju grey tuu ^^

Miss Lalunn said...

thanks , maznah yang bagi :)
ni abang dia kan ?? kenal name prestij trading tu. hahaha ;pp

ce tekan , ce tekan :)


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