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Friday, December 24, 2010

Boys ! do alert with this !

i have something to memekak at this site for today, so pless alert okeng ! :

- boys what do you thinks of a girls who always :

- care so much bout you but she is not your mom ..
- love you so much rather than herself, but she is not you lovers ..
- be at your side when you need someone but she is not you siblings or relative ..
- listen to your bla..bla..bla.. when you have a problem .. but she is not your counselor ..
- be the first hand to help you when you were caught in a trouble ..
- never leave you alone ...
- wake up late nite and call you .. just to make sure that you're fine ..
- always worried bout you .. " did you take your breakfast ?', " why you are cough ? " and bla..bla..bla...
- never miss to take you phone call or reply you msg.. even though she was so busy !
- treat you speacial than other but when you ask her why, she just said " it was like adik beradik jelah.. " -,-'

whut do you think about this girls ??
can you guess why she do all this ?
CAN YOU GUESS something ???


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