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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Laluna : aku pon nak wish gak! mother's day ! :')

Assalamualaikum !

lovely couples.. i heart them so muchh !

i miss u mum :')
tatau la bole wish ke tak but , nak wish jugak !
happy mother's day mum ... imysm!
there's no one can replace ur place in ma heart... but thanks to mokde.. she's always care on me.. :)
to you, you and you ! who ever you are ... listen to my advice, appreciate your mum , as long as she was with you... now.. pray for her health.. love and care for her.. i can't do that anymore, so... ples , be grateful that you still have ur mummy beside you now .. who can hug you when you cry, listen to your story, teach you how to cook, alway care , and love you . sometimes nagging at your ear, but that is for you own good.. i miss all the moment mum... thanks for everything.. i'll always keep on pray and give Al-fatihah to you ! :')
 lalun : dapat bersama 9 tahun jea... but i'm still be grateful of that . thanks god ! pls take a good care of her , cuz i love her so muchhh ! :')

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