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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Laluna : move ..

then i will move ..
to the next chapter in ma life..
 question : then, how about the past ?

let it be just like that..
cuz it just a memory :'(

i thought all the thing have been clear enough for us to understand. but now.. i dun think so..
sory for a mistake. sory for everything.
i will take my own way..

i do have my own reason why this thing happen. i can't help myself moreeeee than whut i did now..
Allah swt the only one who know everything. :') thanks so much. i will try to move my life well as before .

lalun : bersalah kerana terlalu menyintai sesuatu melebihi yang sepatutnye. so,  buang itu hati. minta hati baru. supaya tak susah kan sape sape. ;)


aryuyidIary said...

dats true lalun.kalau igt kisah lepas sampai bile kite harus stay like FULLSTOP, so it will be gd answer move on and open new book :) ape yang kite rase hanye sang pencipta jer tahu so doing busy work and be strong women ;) amin~

Miss Lalunn said...

thanks sayanggg , lebiu !!! i'll be more strong than whut i'm now :)

ce tekan , ce tekan :)


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