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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Laluna : My Bestfriend is limited edition :)

Assalamualaikum :)
Alhamdulillah , i blog this title , special for those friends :)

My beshfriend is limited edition..
Thats why i appreciated them so muchh in ma life :)

seriusly thanks to God !
for give me such a kind heart person and sweetest friends ever ..
thanks for those people for always stand by my side ..
always ..
whenever i need them .

no matter how hard i should face problem in dis world..
or something burden so much in my mind...
they're always be with me :')

Alhamdulillah for their support..
it give me enough breath , energy and love..
to perform my life , my responsibility
well :)

i Love them so much Ya Allah :')
Please let this people always together with me..
thank you so muchhh ;D

Lalunn : in memory , somebody said to me : antara banyak banyak kawan perempuan, kau la sahabat perempuan paling terbaek wok aku weh .. thanks weh :) but now ? i've no idea whut happen with this words... :'( i miss that moment but i know something.. Allah Always give a better replacement for something we lost.. He's very FAIR .. so dun feels offended because of that lalunn , just smile and face your life well dear , chayokkk !!  :)


pya said...

Dunia persahabatan :')

zie_ira said...

kawan yng terbaek !! sayang ko la !!:D

Anas Clay said...

"Those who have many friends will never walk alone" =)

|ShaChaPe'ah| said...

bukan aku yg ckp words tu kan..hehe :))
frens 4 eva! :)

.s.e.r. said...

same2..jgn la puji sgt..haha

Miss Lalunn said...

hehehehe . i love all of youuu ! ;) thanksss ;D

hati♡ said...

agree ^_^

CIK YAYA'NA said...

yayana datang!!

Miss Lalunn said...

hati :)
yayana : haha muaaaahhh ! :P

ce tekan , ce tekan :)


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