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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Laluna : tagged from my sis !

Olla ! hehe
borink article or entry without pic, so aku memandai letak pic ni kat sini... haha okay jom tengok TAGGED kat bawah nie ... :) thanks Farah sebab bagikk akak tagged nie, time bosan memang seronok buat mende alah tade jadah nie. haha ;)

1- what would your name be with the first three letter's ?

2- when is your birthday?
24 February 1990
do ples take notes, i want a gift ! nikon ples! haha

3- do you thinks you'll be married in 10 years ?
insyallah , kalau ade jodoh and ade yang sudi masuk meminang ;p
*gedik* haha

4- did you have a good day ?
idk ! probably not, because i feels so boring today .. tade sape nak ajak hangout ke ? ;p

5- how many children do you want ?
hubby pon tade, nk story pasal anak kah ?haha
actually i love kids very much.. so , 6 okay ?
*gile ke lalunn ? hahaha

6- what you are plans for the weekends ?
today je dah weekends doe. hee
pegi umah orang kawin ! dengar kompang!
aku bile nak kawin ? ntah , tatau .. =p 

7- are you happy with the way things are going right now ?
idk .. mood swing la,
kejap okay , kejap nak moody .. :p

8- whut do you hear currently right now ?
lagu alyah kisah hati .
i played it in my heart *jiwang syial!* haha

9- its your heart broken right now ?
dah lame broke, now nak kasi sembuh, bole kah ? -___-'!

10- what are you looking forward to in the next month ?

11- do you believe in love ?
practically NOT but
basically , yes when it's comes for Allah s.w.t and family ;)

12- is there someone on ur mind shouldn't be ?
ofcourseeee :'(

13- would you ever donate ?
money jelah kot. organ tak berani , huk3 .. T_T

14- what are you doink rite now ?
gile ? mestilah buat tagged nie. haha and facebooking! hee ;)

15- have you ever kissed anyone whose started with H , A , S , M , N, T or J ?
never ever ! haha... ade la Mohd Nor,my luvly Daddy. ;p

16-do you drink water ?
T_T nak nanges jawap soklan nie, mestilah sayang,
kite manusia kan, air itu sumber kehidupan ! ;)

17- do you care if people hate you for no reason ...
i will find out, why they hate me .. tak kire ! selagi tk puas hati. hahaha
if tak pon, lantakkan jeh, dia tak bagi aku makan pon. baju sume aku beli sendiri ;p

18- do you have fav flavour ?
ORANGE ..should i changes this colour ? haha ;p

19- do you want to see somebody rite now ?
nak !! daripada hari tu lagi nak, tapi budget jek ... ahh takyah la jumpe dia. haaha
ego gilaks kau lalunn! =p

20- do you get mad easily ?
ikot keadaan la.. but basically if i get mad, i'm easily cool down, so no worries okay :)

21- how did you feel when you woke up today ?
rushing , omg ! dah lambat . hahaha 

22- what's in your pocket ?
 sory , seluar tidor ni tade pocket ;p haha

23- what kind of pant are you wearing ?
track suit :p

24- is there someone you will never forget ?
OFCOURSE ... but no need to be mentioned here . ;p hee

25- do you like somebody right now ?
ouh. yes2! hahaha.. like those entry that i post .. sile bace kalau rajin :)

26- who was the last person you cried in front of ?
ofcourse ! my lovely g2 ! :( miss dem so muchhhhhh <3

QaQa Syieka 
Anna Farhana 

*farah , belog kamu tak bole copy , so akak kena taip sume nie, huahh T_T seb baik budak Office Management . haha kalau tak .. :( menangis dah. panjang kot. heeh btw, thanks sayang, 
yang lain sile amik tagged yeh.. sekadar suka suki di pagi hari . sile2 ;)

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