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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Laluna : My Heart say ... :')

Oh my Lord ...
Love comes with so much pain ..
The heartfelt remains in the heart ..
and does not escape from one's lips..

you did not remember me..
There's nothing more left to say ..
The heart cried and the eyes welled up ..
There's nothing more to say...

I gave you all my JOYs..
I gave you all my smiles..
your locks enticed me...
bidding messages of faithfullness..
you couldn't care for my LOVE ..

i'm gone ..
i'm lost ..
i'm failed ..

eventhough sometimes..
the feeling to have you right here,
beside me ...
accompany me ..
story to me about life ...
were desperately need ! :( worries ..
i can cool down myself ,
i can chills out by my own self ..
eventhough there's no ears.....
to hear
there's no shoulde to be rest ..
there's no hand to hugg ..

i can still stand by my self..
i have Allah s.w.t to listen , to care bout me :)

lalunn : feels like wanna run ... far awayyy from here! but where's else to go ? :((

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